Stephanie Pruitt


    Maker of Art & Experiences

  • Mixed Media Sculptures

    Each self portrait sculpture is inspired by a draft of a poem that "failed" in revision.

    The artist re-imagines ideas from the draft into a 3-D piece,

    burying the discarded text inside the sculpture, shredding all remaining copies.

    Tanned Hide


    Mammy 2.0

    Charting My Map

    As Intended

    Sunday Go To Meeting

    Eve's Revival

    A Little Birdie Told Me

    Stone Cold, Hot Stone

  • Visual Poems

    Found object, assemblage shadow boxes.

    (10-3/4" x 5-1/2" x 6-1/2" h)

    Field of Dreams

    All The Me's


    When Flight Isn't Enough



  • Large-Scale Collaborative Works

    Untitled: A Collective Identity

    The nearly 5ft sculpture is currently on display at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts. It is the result of a collaborative project in which Stephanie served as an Artist in Residence at Maplewood High School in Nashville, TN. The artist worked with over 90 students to create the large-scale, found object sculptural work.


    Embodiment: Poetry Through the Five Senses

    A collaborative 10,000 sq ft sensory poem installation. 600+ guests were able to touch, taste, smell, see, and walk through the poem, "Close Reading" as curated by Stephanie Pruitt with 25+ artists at Oz Arts Nashville. The experience featured original poem-inspired works by an architect, aromatherapist, chef, musicians, and visual artists.


  • Artist Bio & Statement

    Stephanie Pruitt Bio

    Stephanie Pruitt is a poet and social practice artist who has taught at Vanderbilt University, the Sewanee Young Writers' Conference, and as a visiting artist in over one hundred K-­12 and community settings.


    She is the recipient of an Academy of American Poets Prize and Essence Magazine named her one of their “40 Favorite Poets.” Her visual and social practice works have been exhibited/featured at Scarritt Bennett's Laskey Gallery, OzArts, and the Frist Center for Visual Arts.


    Stephanie serves as a Commissioner for Metro Arts and on the board of directors for the Arts & Business Council.


    When at her Nashville home, the mother of Nia and wife of Al can often be found with a 70lb dog in her lap. The TEDx speaker is the founder of NoStarvingArtist(dot)me and is committed to helping creators make a LIFE and LIVING with their art.



    Stephanie Pruitt Artist Statement

    I am a literary and social practice artist following my curiosity. I'm interested in the relationship between form & function as it relates to text, image, and object.


    I love words. Their texture. The sounds. The ideas they can conjure and connect. I want to read and write poems that break and build me, poems that make me want to lick the page. Moreover, I explore the many ways poems manifest and exist in the world.


    My visual and experience-based works are physical extensions of my literary work. In the most direct sense, publishing means to make something available to the public. While I employ traditional literary craft tools in my writing, the way those writings are published often take physical/visual or experiential form.



    Enjoy a FREE e-chapbook of poems here.

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